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My Story

Dear Soul Sister, My name is Renata Raizel Magurdumov and I’m so happy to welcome and guide you to live your light! 


I am a Transformation Coach, Energy Practitioner, and Spiritual Guide providing intuitive support and guidance to Jewish women from all walks of life.


Through my own soul searching, darkness and depression I discovered this soul awakening, sacred work.  Or should I say it found me and I came alive! 


I use many different techniques that help you to feel your wholeness and live the light of Moshiach now!


My Approach

Together we will explore, discover, and embrace different facets of your being through safe and intriguing work:


  • Emotional Processing 

  • Inner-Child Work

  • Trauma Work

  • Shadow Work

  • Sexual Abuse Healing

  • Past-Life Resolution

  • Womb Healing

  • Integration Work

  • Meditation

  • Access Consciousness® Bars - Hands-on Energy Work 


You already have everything you need to live your best life. I’m just here to hold a loving space for you to discover it for yourself. 


My mission and biggest passion is to hasten the coming of Moshiach by helping women grow in their emunah (faith) and live their light with bitachon (trust).


Live Your Light

Discover your uniqueness and tap into your divine gifts

Mind Clarity

Live anxiety free

Confidence and Esteem

Through inner child and higher self integration 

Supersized Emunah

Live with Bitachon and enjoy every day miracles 


Love yourself and others 

Intimacy with Hashem

Judaism/Yiddishkeit comes to life

Intimacy in Relationships

Your light can light up any relationship

Spiritual Sex

That fulfills and energizes life

Connect to Your Soul Tribe

Women’s gatherings

Become your own Healer

By owning your Divine femine  

Forgiveness for Self & Others

Open gates of blessings

Master Emotional Processing

And go beyond emotions

Love your Life

By living and being you!


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Thanks for being BRAVE!

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