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Live Your Light

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About Me

Dear Soul Sister, My name is Renata Raizel Magurdumov and I’m so happy to welcome and guide you to live your light! 


I am a Transformation Coach, Energy Practitioner, and Spiritual Guide providing intuitive support and guidance to Jewish women from all walks of life.

Renata Raizel is a gift of transformation to anyone she works with.

Timberly Williams


Live Your Light

Discover your uniqueness and tap into your divine gifts

Mind Clarity

Live anxiety free

Confidence and Esteem

Through inner child and higher self integration 

Client Testimonials

Im so proud, honored and blessed to be a former client of Renata Raizel. This is not just another healer out there. Renata Raizel is a gift to the world. Her strong Emunah/faith and Bitachon/trust will never break her. No matter how difficult things turned out to be, and regardless of the darkness in the situation, she will always continue keeping her most beautiful vision towards the brightest possibility for herself and clients. This is the secret to her success. Her gentle soft character melts all barriers away!Her being is constantly flowing in 100% unconditional love and acceptance which creates a safe space and ends up teaching the client how to master the tools on their own.

Chany L, Williamsburg, NY

Raizel is unique in the way she coaches. Right from the start I was able to see the way she relates to her clients. It’s as though you're her child whom she will do anything for to help you achieve your best. She will daven for you every step of the way. she feels your success is her success and she will do everything to help you get there!  She is extremely devoted. I am always inspired to see the level of dedication she puts in. I feel as though I’m the only one she coaches as she invests so much time, energy and thought into her clients!

Gitty B, Lakewood, NJ

​​A meeting with Raizel will result in a transformation taking place. This is her gift to you. It might come in all sorts of packages, but know it’s the step that’s needed in your here and now present. For me, it was allowing her to stop me from rushing past myself and taking the moment to notice. That pause opened a door that avalanched and propelled me forward into a healing and acceptance of self, that I wouldn’t have been able to achieve had it not been for the gift she gives. My light was able to break free and shine in greater dimensions and with deeper intensity. Thank you Raizel for the gift your vessel carries for those whose lives intersect with yours.

Yael Tricia Simone, Cayman Islands

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